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This site celebrates Transsexuals, transexual or as we affectionately call them T-girls.

We are going to make this the #1 informational site for men and women interested in finding out about the t-girl lifestyle, finding t-girls to love, learning everything there is to know about t-girls and of course hot t-girl photos.

We will feature t-girl stories and articles from all over the world.

Our t-girls website will be completely free, no need to sign up and no monthly fees.

There are many t-girl porn sites but this site is for people that not only are sexually interested in t-girls but more in depth about the girls themselves and how it is to be a t-girl.

Again the site is free but there are things you can do to help us grow and attract more t-girls.

Be involved. If you are a t-girl send us your photos, stories or interesting things about you and we will post them. If you are a t-girl lover make sure to send us erotic stories about your encounters with t-girls and your t-girl relationships.

If you are a first timer and have only been dreaming about being with t-girls send us your fantasies and we will post those too.

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You’ve seen the photos, you may have met them in real life, you might even be one yourself. Be what? you ask. A T-girls, a transsexual. You either know what a t-girl is or you need it explained. So just to be on the safe side, let me explain it the way the academic community does. They will tell you that t-girls is just another way of saying transgender.

To a scientist, transgender is a big basket type of word that covers all kinds of variations such as transsexuals, transvestites, cross-dressers, gender queers, intersexuals, hermaphrodites – to mention but a few of the names. The description of a t-girl falls into this group. Basically t-girls are those people whose gender identity is a bit different from typical descriptions of masculinity or femininity.

Gender identity refers to who and what you believe you are in terms of being male or female. For some their gender identity and their physical appearance match. Many people have cocks and feel male. Many people have cunts and feel female, The transgendered might have the complete reverse. There is the cock clearly attached to their body but they feel like such t-girl. Or maybe they have a cock and tits both. The feeling can go either way.

Let’s look at the doubled-sexed. The old word for this phenomenon is "hermaphrodite." This comes from the third son, Hermaphroditus, of the Greek god Hermes and the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Hermaphroditus got his name from both of his parents. Hermaphroditus was considered extraordinarily gorgeous.

The Greek gods did not have life easy all the time. When Salmacis, a lake nymph, fell in love with Hermaphroditus he rejected her. Salmacis begged the gods to never separate her from her beloved Hermaphroditus. For some reason, the gods granted her wish and Hermaphroditus and Salmacis were combined into one body that was both male and female. While this is myth, this story indicates that gender-melding was part of earth's earliest history.

This is not surprising since 1.7 percent of the population is born intersexed. The myth of Hermaphroditus is just proof that transsexuals were part of the world then too. There is no reason to believe that the proportions were any different then either. Nearly 2 people out of a 100 are and were transgendered.

So don’t feel too lonely out there if you are a t-girl. The point of this explanation is that sex and gender intersections are not a new phenomenon. Within the intersections, there are variations. An individual can have ambiguous sex due to ambiguous genitalia; an individual can also have ambiguous gender even though the biological evidence indicates that the person is either male or female.

Scientists find a distinction between sex and gender. Sex is the biological aspect of the person; it is our biological maleness or femaleness, which is usually quite clearly defined by our physical attributes. It is a matter of a human female having two X chromosomes and a human male having one X and one Y chromosome. However, for the first eight weeks, embryos are identical. If male hormones are produced during this time, the infant will be male.

What is interesting is that it is not a matter of female hormones being produced that creates a female child. Rather it is a simple absence of the male hormones that produces a female child.

Even this is not straightforward. For hundreds of years, there has been a common belief in all cultures held that humans are dimorphic or is born with sex chromosomes, gonadal structure, hormone levels, and internal genital systems and external genitalia that are either male or female. This is in spite of the proof that nearly 2 percent of people are born with the chromosomes and genitalia of both sexes.

If you are really curious about where a t-girl begins, here’s a really tedious scientific explanation. Our sex organs begin as embryonic structures – the pronephros, the mesonephros, and the metanephros – and ducts – the Wolffian and Müllerian ducts. If the Wolffian duct stays it becomes the male genital gland duct. If the Müllerian duct remains it becomes the female genital gland duct.

So what sex are you if you have a combination of sex organs? If you have a cock, you are male. If you have a cunt and tits, you are female. But what if you are somewhere in between. Well there is a theory that there are actually five sexes. As well as male and female, there are also “Herms" (true hermaphrodites), “Merms" (male pseudo-hermaphrodites) and "Ferms" (female pseudo-hermaphrodite).

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If you are a transsexual, or a third (or fourth or fifth) gender, you should be proud. T-girls are special. Historically and culturally, many of these three intersexed genders are viewed as special with special powers. There is the berdache of North American native societies. For instance female berdaches became hunters, warriors, and chiefs. Usually berdaches are biological males who dress and act like women.

In India, there are the hijras, intersexed males who adopt the role of a woman, and dress as women. The hijras did not try to pass as women but view themselves as neither men nor women but as something different from both.

The spectrum of sex runs from clearly male to clearly female with many stops along the way. If your sexual identity has five sexes what about gender? T-girls might totally look like a male or a female but their brain clearly tells them they are not what their body appears to be. They might be the complete opposite gender than their bodies say they are. Gender identity goes way beyond sex – it is possible to be physically male but have a gender identity that is female. Gender identity is not determined by your genitalia.

T-girls or transsexuals, depending on how you like to think of yourselves, should be proud of their rare ability to be whoever they want to be and have the capacity to set a standard of beauty and pride for all t-girls. Do not look to your body to tell you who you are. Listen to your heart. It knows the truth.


T-Girls: Pure pleasure. Take our word…

You may be a gay man, or you may bi-curious or even bi-sexual. You could even be a straight man. Whatever your sexual tastes and fantasies, no one comes across as well as t-girls (transsexuals) do. For our writing pleasure and for your reading pleasure, we will focus on gay hunks who also like chicks with dicks.

T-girls, also known as trannies, ladyboys, shemales among many other names, come from both the worlds. Names like shemale, ladyboy, etc. are offensive in nature, but are still widely used in the porn industry. However, it’s good for you to address a t-girl as transsexual and give them respect. There’s nothing like a combination of sexy round boobs along with long hung tranny dicks, in the entire world. Most t-girls have long suave legs that are not just strong, but well covered and look smooth. The best part about t-girls is that they have all those girly curves (as if that mattered to us at all), and some extra things to play with; to be proud of, in fact. There really is nothing like pleasuring and being pleased by a person that has to offer two distinct pleasures. Another reason why t-girls are really better than girls / women? T-girls will take your penis up their arse. Most women won’t. What’s more! T-girls will return the favor to you as well, and they do it so good you’ll want it to never stop.

Regardless of what people think about you when you tell them you’re kind of attracted to shemales, do not be bothered by them. If you like it and your heart likes it, that’s a Green signal. In fact, most of your guy friends who think your fascination for shemales is gay and hence gross tend to have a fetish for lesbians themselves. Gross, isn’t it? Well, not the lesbian fetish but pointing the gross fingers at others. Keep one thing in mind – You were born to be happy and feel good in this world, and not at the cost of others’ happiness. If you love a t-girl (who also loves the dude in you), you’re doing nothing wrong. So, follow your heart and you’ll be just fine. Furthermore, t-girls can rock your world in a way women can’t even get close to doing it. If, however, you have gay guy friends, then they won’t call your t-girl fetish gross. Who knows, they might as well be willing to join in on the fun.

Do t-girls have both the sexes? It’s true to a certain extent. It’s not t-girls we’re talking about though; it’s hermaphrodites that have both the sexes. While many of them have both a penis and a vagina, very rarely will you find both their organs working, or even getting aroused. Some t-girls, on the other hand, have a part of both the organs, or more of one than the other. In any case though, you’re a gay and you love being pleasured by a long penis that ejaculates. T-girls, men by nature, who’ve undergone a simple surgery to become a woman of your dreams (or partly so), are a lot of fun. Ever gave a thought to why a male would want to become a t-girl, or shemale? Simply because they love men, and they love men to make love to them.

If you’ve been with girls before or know of someone’s experience with girls, your first time with a t-girl in the bed is going to be a whole lot different. In one word, it’s going to be better. Yes, t-girls really are pure pleasure… Take our word for it. Try it out once and you’ll agree with us.

Yes, t-girls also do function like real men. As a matter of fact, a t-girl can also impregnate a woman, unless sterile due to continuous hormone dosages. It means that their penises do get erect, attain orgasm, and produce sperm (unless sterile). So, it is a given that their cocks do work.

We’ll put up a few names of popular transsexual models for your fantasies and thinking pleasure. The list includes names like Alexia Acosta, Jelissa Jaconi, Sierra Ferarro, Angela Yiannou, Carla Novaes, Ava Falona, and so on. We could just go on with the list, as there are quite a good number of sexy, hot, popular t-girls out there. We sure haven’t yet had any encounters with the above mentioned names, but we’ve heard and are pretty sure that even the hottest of transsexual supermodels are nasty and kinky when it comes to playing. This just goes to say t-girls / chicks with dicks are a natural choice for us men without tits.

T-girls are also very hygienic, and expect the same from whom they have sex with. So, men while you’ll get them to be dirty on the bed, it’s important to stay clean so as to maintain good odor and health.

Here’s a hint for you: T-girls, by and large, are nastier and randier in bed than the female sex. What could be better for a man than having his partner get super kinky on the bed, or in the shower? We men are curious about things (yes, even in the shower LOL) and always want to try newer things but many girls wouldn’t just agree. T-girls have a very strong male behavior, apart from their softer, loving nature, and they understand the needs of their male partners really well. Thanks to that, t-girls also already know what you want from them, and they will happily offer it to you. Also, some t-girls tend to be submissive and let you perform the action. They just love being cuddled and cared about. Now, that really isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

So, go on with that humping and thumping, and unload your spunk in that beautiful t-girl, the ladyboy love of your fantasies, for as long as you want and as deep as you want. You can rest assured that she won’t get pregnant, but will feel all the more wet, warm and fun inside...

I was shopping at a clothing store recently when I saw a tall lady. Nothing surprising there until I saw a bobbing Adam’s apple and muscular arms which appeared more like a man’s arm than a women. An array of thoughts swirled in my mind; a guy dressing as a women? Transsexual? Cross dresser? But in the end, I came to a conclusion that it was not really my business anyway and to each his or her own. Who am I, a mere stranger to judge? “Anima muliebris virili corpora inclusa”, Latin for “like a woman, sexually repelled by women and attracted to men”. This essentially describes what a transsexual girl is. Transsexual per se is not limited to transsexual women but to transsexual men as well. This article will focus more on transsexual women or t-girls. The term Transsexual originated from (I’m sure you can guess) Latin with Trans meaning across and sexus , sex. T-girl, simply put is a woman trapped in a man’s body. One medical condition to consider perhaps is congenital adrenal hypoplasia. Genetically speaking he would be a boy however physically he would not appear so due to the lack of response to the actions of the sexual hormone however this does not mean they are transsexuals. A transsexual has two assertive complexes; to get rid of the somatic appearances that define them as the gender they were born with and the other is to be able to pass as the gender of their preference. The acceptance of gays, lesbian, transsexuals has slowly but surely progressed in this fast evolving society then again this may not hold true in countries with conventional ideals which holds rigid believes in the division of gender identity.

Is there a cause as to why one becomes a transsexual? It has been thought that perhaps from the very beginning, going as early as the time the fetus still lies within the mother’s womb; sex hormones have not fulfilled their task well on the developing fetus brain. This means that the child, neurological or innate gender personality is conflicting with that of the physical parts of their body, which generally deems them to be a boy or a girl. Eventually the clash of the innate and physical gender identity experienced by transsexuals occurs. But even knowing so (if it were true) this still does not change the fact a transsexual is still a transsexual. How pronounced a transsexual individual is also varies from the desire to simply cross dress to having the deep desire to undergo a sex change.

Being a transsexual, or in fact being gay or lesbian, problems arise when the community finds out you are one. Homophobic; transsexual phobic groups don’t find it a problem to bully the ‘outcast’ since lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT) are often the minority. Strength in numbers I suppose. However one incident marked the day that the ‘minority’ group finally took stand to fight for their rights as well. The ‘Stonewall Riot’; a rebellion that took place at the Stonewall Inn at New York City by LGBT when they could no longer tolerate the oppression by the police. Anyhow, my point is being different often places one in a tight spot. Only a t-girl would understand that deep down to her core. Rejection by family members, friends, employees et cetera, health issues may also crop up for those undergoing sex change without appropriate medical advice. These are simply a few problems enumerated and countless more may exist.

A T-girl unable to live with the paramount displeasure of having a male body may find herself going for a sex change one day in order to achieve the peace their soul seeks. Yet all is not as simple as changing ones clothes. I myself need to think twice whether to dye my hair or not and this wouldn’t even be something as permanent as a sex change. Not only do they have to face the possible stigma by the unknown healthcare personnel, there is also the monetary aspect to take into consideration as well and mind you, these don’t come cheap. Previously, even before a t-girl is able to undergo the operation to change her life, she has to undergo a one or two year real life experience prior to the sex change meaning she has to try leading a life as being as women for without physically completing her change as of yet in order to make sure that the was the life the t-girl wanted. Now though, doctors would be willing to ‘treat’ transsexuals without having to undergo the real life experience. With modern medicine, varied artilleries are available for a t-girl to be a woman. Popping female hormones like estrogen and progesterone as well as anti androgen would be the first few steps to undertake since hormones are one of the causes why the distribution of fat in women, their voice pitch as well as other physical features differ from a man. Despite that, the effects of testosterone is not so effortlessly reversible so facial hair may persist and voice remains low pitch. So other treatments become necessary like electrolysis where hair at unwanted parts is removed permanently by electrocuting the hair roots. Ultimately, a t-girl would want the penis to go so surgery which requires a two step procedure; vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. Just reading all this medical jargon makes one mull over the difficulties a t-girl has to go through.

In spite of all the difficulties a t-girl has to undergo to finally achieve the physical appearance that satisfies her innate desire, in the end, some may still find themselves facing rejection from their partners; especially if they hid the truth of themselves from their partner. It’s definitely not easy to bring yourself to just let someone into your private most secret especially one who consider themselves normal heterosexual beings who expect a normal heterosexual partner. So in comparison to gays and lesbians, transsexuals perhaps are hit the hardest in this society.

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