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T-Girls and Fashion

Me wearing an exposed clit/labia transformation suit.

There is a little T-Girl in all of us. This site is not about us but about our interest in T-Girls, T-girl fashion and male to female transformation. We have a couple of T-girls working on this site and a number of Femme men who are into male to female transformation. Yes there is a huge difference between the two. One is a gender identification while the other is an  impulse to be feminine that many gay, straight and bi men share. We love the way these blend together in T-girl style fashions and that is what we are about and this site. I hope you enjoy your time with us.

T-Girls and fashion showing you are for real. There are a number of designs including tights and shorts that show the shape of a vagina but there are a few swimwear/underwear designs that not only show the shape off a vagina all using the penis to do so, there are designs that can show exposed labia if the wearer prefers to do so.

T-Girl Panties

There’s Nothing Wrong With T-girls

It may be hard to accept; but there are people in this world that have no idea that T-girls actually exist. It seems as though that is something that everyone should be aware of these days but not everyone is connected to the internet like we are. There are whole countries in this world that have no idea what this word even means and that really is a shame. Although, there are a lot of countries that are quite aware of what T-girls are and rather than allowing them to be happy with who they are; this lifestyle they feel completes them is outlawed. Even if it is not outlawed, the general public sees this as something that is completely wrong. It’s really sad that people have to think that someone different from them is an abomination, though. As it is now, the roles could be reversed very easily and all those normal people living normal lives could end up being the ones in the wrong. Now, wouldn’t that be an interesting turn of events?

T-girls and male to female transformation designs.

Reworking the penis to create the shape of a vagina, one that will pass for a real vagina is something very new. The head designer for Koala, Michael David is credited with created the first swimsuit/underwear design that actually used the penis to create a vagina as part of the style. Michael David was already known worldwide for his extreme swimwear designs and if you Google his name plus swimwear you might be amazed at his creations. In my view none of his designs are more compelling than the male to female transformation suits. His designs have let me become the woman I knew I could be. I have many friends using his designs that would agree with me when I say these styles are life changing. I talked to the folks over at Koala Men’s Swimwear many times and they were very helpful in finding me the perfect designs for my body. I was surprised to learn that they shipped these designs all over the world and that they consider the male to female transformation designs their most successful line.